Long Distance Moving Company in California – Planning, Organizing And Saving

Long Distance Moving Company in California – Planning, Organizing And Saving

Long distance Moving in California can be an exciting time marking new beginnings or they can be a complete headache! It all depends on how organized you are throughout the process.

There are some important factors that must be considered when planning and organizing a successful Relocation Movers California. Once you have decided to move, the first thing you should do is to make a selection from one of the moving companies available. Get moving quotes and estimates from the best moving companies to help you on your way. Once you have decided on a mover, make the booking in advance as well.

Another important aspect of planning a successful move is figuring out the utilities. Have electricity and phone line turned off or transferred to the next owner of the house before moving out. You wouldn’t want to be credited for the bills even after moving out. Similarly, check the situation at your destination home as well. Many utility companies take a lead time of at least 3 weeks before putting the services up in your name. So apply for services beforehand so their activation coincides with your moving in. Same goes for your cable and internet providers.

Before moving to a new place, conduct complete home inspection to avoid any electricity, sewerage or water lines related surprises once you have moved in. Same goes for the home you are leaving behind. Have everything fixed and ready for the new owners to move in.

Your friends and family will probably need your new address and contact info along with the mailman. Also inform your bank and creditors of the change of address before moving. Also, pack up all your valuables in advance and if there are some things (e.g. books) that you’d rather mail to yourself to save money, then pack them up separately.

If you are selling your current home, then remember that buyer may turn out to be the best customer for house-related items, such as chandeliers and other fixtures. Everything else, such as chandeliers, ceiling and wall mounted fans, fireplace screens and tools TV antennas etc should be left behind as most of this stuff will already come with your new home or won’t fit it correctly.

If that’s not the case then a garage sale is your best option. Your trash can be another person’s treasure; so set it up and advertise, and then rest assured that your garage sale will become a success.

Carrying everything with you on the move is never a good option, especially if you got savings on your mind. The reason being that moving companies charge by the weight when moving your goods, therefore it’s never a good option to haul all your junk with you. Moving is the best time to purge your belongings.

If organizing a garage sale doesn’t help you get rid of all the stuff, then donate it your favorite charity. Not only will you feel good about it but also get tax breaks if you can get itemized receipts from the charity.

Just a little bit of careful consideration and planning can save you a lot of money and time at the end of the move!

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